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Flower delivery to Kiev city and other cities of Ukraine

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Flower delivery Kiev

Flower delivery Kiev ✿ Sales ✿

Product code (SKU): f02649
Basket Smile!
14.76 $
Product code (SKU): f01349
11 white and red roses
23.92 $
Product code (SKU): f01854
Aerial dancer
28.68 $
Product code (SKU): f02530
Festive set with fruit №1
44.00 $
Product code (SKU): f0693
21 red roses
39.92 $
Product code (SKU): f01068
25 red roses
42.20 $
Product code (SKU): f01036
75 red roses
108.36 $
Product code (SKU): f01190
101 Burgundy Roses
139.32 $

Boxed Flowers Kiev

Product code (SKU): f03018
The box Tenderness
39.32 $
Product code (SKU): f02959
The box fluffy chrysanthemums
36.80 $
Product code (SKU): f02103
Heart with Raffaello
53.68 $
Product code (SKU): f0984
43.68 $

Flower delivery Roses Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02788
Rose red piece
1.48 $
Product code (SKU): f02789
Rose white piece
1.48 $
Product code (SKU): f01086
11 red roses
22.68 $
Product code (SKU): f01631
22.32 $

Mixed bouquet Kiev

Product code (SKU): f01576
Spring Assortment
29.44 $
Product code (SKU): f03272
Bouquet Vanilla flavor
26.88 $
Product code (SKU): f03348
Set Valiant
19.20 $
Product code (SKU): f01255
Sweet Chamomile
23.60 $
Product code (SKU): f01862
Crystal Bouquet
38.40 $
Product code (SKU): f02567
Box with flowers and wine
32.32 $
Product code (SKU): f01614
25.56 $
Product code (SKU): f03229
Bouquet Vanilla
17.52 $

Flowers basket Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02085
Shopping for Pet
30.96 $
Product code (SKU): f01217
Basket of camomiles
77.92 $
Product code (SKU): f02037
Basket Fashion
39.56 $
Product code (SKU): f02448
Cart Multi Frutti
39.88 $

Fruit baskets Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02111
Basket Gifts of the Sun
41.00 $
Product code (SKU): f01432
Sweet Tooth Basket
58.92 $
Product code (SKU): f02493
Basket Male Present
65.32 $
Product code (SKU): f02052
Big Bear
74.16 $
Product code (SKU): f03156
A set of balloons of green waves
43.24 $
Product code (SKU): f02910
Foil heart with latex balloons
12.40 $
Product code (SKU): f02320
Purple pearl helium balloons
21.76 $
Product code (SKU): f03358
Set Satin Hearts
54.32 $
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Customer Feedback


Спасибо за качественную работу вашей компании,розочки были прекрасные и свежие.Моя мама была в восторге от них.Буду в дальнейшем заказывать и советовать друзьям только ваши цветы.

Red rose bush

July 27 2017


Очень хорошее сочетание классики и современного оформления.Опять же - небольшой, но приятный бонус в виде шоколада. Спасибо за цветы и их доставку.

11 white and red roses

July 22 2019


Хочу поблагодарить всех, кто участвовал в доставке подсолнухов для моей бабули. Молодцы!


April 10 2013


Розы и так сами по себе - лучшие цветы, а так оригинально упакованные, они говорят уже гораздо больше. Мой подарок очень понравился. Девушка даже сразу не поняла, что в коробке цветы. Спасибо!

A box of 11 red roses

January 23 2016

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On a date with a girl is allowed only a banality (or rather - the need) - a bouquet of flowers. In all other respects, it is recommended to exercise ingenuity, creativity and unconventional approach.
If you are in Kiev, we offer you such a romantic place for a date:
Behind the hotel "Exaltation" that Vozdvizhenskaya, 60, is a secret alley lovers. You can get it if you turn off the first St. Andrew's descent to the left and then around the hotel. Walking along this quiet street is particularly recommended for a first date.
Lonely girl looking for love offer to go to the street Gorodetsky. It installed a 300-pound monument to women's underwear in the shape of a globe spinning on its axis. Architect Vladimir Belokon argues that within the globe of lingerie is a secret place, executing all the women's wishes.
You can go to the Tree of Happiness in Navodnitskom park, which is Riverside Road. He tied the ribbon in love as a sign of a long and happy life together. If your feelings are as strong as granite, here you can order a plate of this material with your name.
If you would like to offer his hand and heart of your loved one, bring it to Kokarevskoy arbor, which is located just below the St. Andrew's Church in Park Hill Vladimir. Rather, there are just two pavilions. Indeed, according to legend, a merchant Vasily Kokarev donated hometown thousand rubles for the construction of gazebos, and the money together "forgotten". It took 33 years and thousands of rubles came running with enough interest for the construction of two pavilions.
If you have a really very unusual view of things, go with your girlfriend at the monument to Hedgehog in the Fog. It is located at the intersection of Reyterskoy, Zolotovorotskoy and George Lane. You will take great pleasure not only the monument itself, but also the surprised faces of passers-by who you ask, do not tell me where to find the Hedgehog in the Mist?
Love one another, give each other flowers, be happy!

Flowers delivery Kiev


Flowers - the beautifull way to tell about your warm feelings, to congratulate the person with a holiday or simply a major event in his life. People used to give flowers as a sign of respect for someone or simply for the sake of propriety, respecting tradition. Order flowers in the Kiev - it means to please the person to whom they are intended.

You have been invited to the wedding, but you cant go? There is allways an exit! You just need to buy flowers in the Kiev and send them as a gift to the newlyweds. Believe me, beautiful floral arrangement created by the hands of our skilled florists, will be a great present for the bride and groom. Our bouquets are original and creative, because we appreciate the individuality and solemnity of the moment.

Unfortunately, so we arranged our lives that sometimes we do not have time to congratulate loved ones on holidays because of work, which takes most of the time. It remains only to call relatives with greetings. But do not forget about the pleasant surprise! After all, you can buy a bouquet of flowers in the Kiev and send them a greeting card. We are ready to offer you a large variety of flowers that will surprise you with its beauty, style and originality.

You want to please your loved woman, but you are far from her? Why not to order a floral arrangement in the Kiev and not to make such an unusual and very wonderful surprise? Your boss will love a bouquet of flowers, which is acquired with the desire to congratulate him with any significant event or promotion. Our company often turn men wishing to order flowers in Kiev to send to the hospital for a pregnant wife. Remember that the flowers - is a good gift, not only for women but also for the stronger sex. After all, men also appreciate the courtesies extended to them. Buy flowers in Kiev for men - is a good way to express your respect to him! We were repeatedly treated men wishing to order a bouquet of gladioli for a friend in the Kiev. 

As you know, these flowers are a symbol of strong friendship, trust and longevity. Men prefer choose and order flowers through the internet for women and young girls. There are carefully selected bouquets on our site, and they can consult with florists, trying to tell which element will be better to add in composition to make it personal, created especially for her, the one, the only. Remember that when you do not know what to present as a gift, just enough to pick a bouquet of flowers in the Kiev and send to the recipient. Flowers can say a lot, to express warm feelings to support the person in a difficult moment, surprise and please the person.

Our florists always make bouquets with soul, putting them in the same light and gentle feeling that "animates" bouquet. The uniqueness of our flower arrangements - it is an occasion to purchase them for your family, for the loved ones. Do not forget to give flowers! They are greatest of all gifts. Be original! We make delivery of fresh flowers to all cities of Ukraine and other countries.

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