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Flower delivery Kiev

Flowers for september 1 Kiev

Product code (SKU): f01344
Bouquet Memories of Autumn
385 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02674
Bouquet Alphabet
690 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02684
Shopping for the holiday
955 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02685
Bouquet Emotions
835 UAH


Flower delivery Kiev ✿ Sales ✿

Product code (SKU): f01349
11 white and red roses
584 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01854
Aerial dancer
666 UAH


Product code (SKU): f0693
21 red roses
1 011 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01946
Bouquet of Roses
2 321 UAH


Boxed Flowers Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02849
Colors box with cookies
816 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02959
The box fluffy chrysanthemums
675 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02696
Box colors
1 023 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02964
The box of 15 red roses
835 UAH


Flower delivery Roses Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02788
Rose red piece
39 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02789
Rose white piece
39 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01086
11 red roses
489 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01631
522 UAH


Mixed bouquet Kiev

Product code (SKU): f01639
330 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01614
447 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02980
Bouquet an excellent mood!
446 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02977
 Bouquet of roses and Aust
567 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02178
Asters Bouquet
922 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02950
Bouquet Luciana
857 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01861
Bouquet of Bohemia
565 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02976
Bouquet Annette
799 UAH


Flowers basket Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02037
Basket Fashion
737 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02233
Shopping variegated colors
685 UAH


Product code (SKU): f01661
Summer has come!
568 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02154
Sun in the basket
1 130 UAH


Fruit baskets Kiev

Product code (SKU): f02653
Fruit compliment
480 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02111
Basket Gifts of the Sun
735 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02052
Big Bear
1 265 UAH


Product code (SKU): f02908
Mix with smiles
245 UAH
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Customer Feedback

Букет не имеет никаких изъянов. Подобран и доставлен с любовью - иначе и не скажешь. Спасибо!

Букет из орхидей

26 ноября 2015

Спасибо, бабушке очень понравилось! Мы довольны вашим сервисом! С наступающими!

Композиция свет огня

24 декабря 2014

Мы сделали подарок мамочке ко Дню Рождения. Все было замечательно! Молодцы!

Для любимой мамы

27 февраля 2012

Можно было пойти и купить самой, возможно, было бы это даже дешевле, НО, свое время я ценю больше. К тому же здесь весьма порядочный сервис (уже не первый букет здесь заказываю), так что знаю, о чем говорю.

Букет из 35 хризантем

7 апреля 2016

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Flowers delivery

It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.
Arthur Conan Doyle.

Flowers delivery, which is our business - it is something deeper and more serious than just a business. Delivering flowers to your homes in Kiev - it's the desire to make your life more colorful, rich and pleasant. Arthur Conan Doyle said that the flowers - a sign of hope. Isnt it? Look at the young man in love, quarreled with the girl. His last hope becomes a flower delivery which will make your girlfriend look with new eyes at the quarrel.

Its will be a really pleasent surprise for older parents who do not expect their children could send a flowers for them. Flower boxes are able to delight, surprise and make life feel more subtle, multifaceted, individually. Flowers delivery - this is the original way to congratulate the newlyweds wedding day or to please friends, having presented their beautiful floral arrangement dedicated to the birth of their baby.

Send flowers to your boss - its a great idea and he for sure will be pleased, and today received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from his players, he remember this unussual surprise.

Send flowers to any home or apartment is very fast. Our florists will not delay the execution of orders, all the flower arrangements are created with a soul, anxious attitude to your sincere feelings and wishes. Treat your mate colorful bouquet tulip . Send flowers in pots - a kind of holiday that you can give to your family, relatives, friends or acquaintances. Our online flower shop is an oasis of pleasure and joy, where each person can make their dream come true.

You want to give your child a beautiful bouquet on the occasion of his birthday? You can order a bouquet of flowers that will amaze your kid to the core, make shine with joy and talk about this wonderful gift to your friends.

Our bouquets - a product of our art, which is available for you! Price for bouquets - democratic and loyal, we always understand how important it is to make the delivery of bouquets available for the pleasure of our customers. Send a bouqet its easy now! We hear your wishes and requests, making your life a rich with many pleasant moments. Buying our flowers - it's reliable, practical, inexpensive.

Flowers delivery service from our company - is the fireworks of feelings and emotions, the feeling of joy and a sense of wonder for our customers. Send flowers to rescue you at the moment, when you do not know what gift to give to your close person. Please contact us, we always know how to make your life blossoms and fragrant from the flowers, which give hope.

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